A Shrek Story

How Swamps Came To Be

One foggy morning, Big Fat Ham-Slappin’ Sam was walking in the forest, about seven miles away from his village. Sam heard screams come from his village, so he ran back and found the whole village burning down. He saw a large figure run into the woods. Sam wondered who the person was, so he followed him but soon lost him in the middle of nowhere. Sam built a fire out of grass. Shrek whispered in his ear, “This is my swamp now.”

The next morning, Sam woke up in wet grass. Sam knew this was where he set up his camp, but not what had happened. Sam saw a sign hanging from a tree saying “I told you this was my swamp now.” Sam tried to run but tripped over a log, he heard a stick break behind him, so he turned around. It was Shrek. Sam wondered what he had done for this to happen to him, was this happening because he was burning onions before.

Shrek loved onions. Shrek picked up Sam with his giant hands and took him back in time to when everyone in his town was burning onions and Shrek set the whole town on fire for it. They went back to the present. “For a punishment, you will live in this swamp as a tree, forever,” Shrek said. Sam felt wood growing in him and couldn’t move. Sam was now a tree. Shrek rode away on his donkey saying, “It’s all ogre now.”

The next year, Sam The Tree saw a young child burning onions in the swamp. With Shrek behind him creeping up. Shrek grabbed the child with his giant ogre hands and put him on his hands and knees. “Because you have burnt onions you will become the swamp water, forever,” Shrek said. A week later, Sam saw him splashing around. Sam and the child talked to each other and said they would never let another man or woman burn onions in the forest again. Every time a person tried to burn onions, the child would splash his swamp water out. As soon as they realized they couldn’t burn onions out there, they stopped.

The end.

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